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The Pickle Party - at Destination!

Destination Bar and Grille on the Lower East Side of NYC was no doubt an awesome destination for a good old fashioned pickle party with Pickle Backs and fried pickles (aka pickle chips.) Lest we also forget the many delicious homemade pickles that kept this entrepreneurial endeavor at grassroots level.

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News On The Pickleback Trend

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Pickle fetish: Sucking and whiskey-chasing

March 31, 10:56 AM New York Groove Examiner Domenick Pilla

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Out of the jar and into the shot glass

Martinis? Yawn. Today’s hipster is on to the briny delights of pickle shots and dill-sicles.

by Anne Kingston on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 10:06am
Photograph by Liz Sullivan

Case Study | Got Your Pickleback

Give pickle juice a shot

The Pickle Back:
A New Old Drink for St. Patties

Spirits: For St. Paddy's Day, make my whiskey Irish

By Jason Wilson Special to The Washington Post Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Of course, novelty isn't always a bad thing. My own St. Paddy's Day drink, for instance, will be something called a Pickleback, a shot of Irish whiskey followed by a chaser of pickle juice. As a pairing, that might sound less than promising, but here's the surprise: A Pickleback is simply awesome."

The Pickleback Cocktail

Jameson's & pickle juice are a delicious combination

By , About.com Contributing Writer

Pickle Juice Coctail Recipes