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Install Your Tire Chains
Without Lying Under the Car!

And now Trucks, SUVs and Big Rigs. Click Here!

Tire Chain Buddy with chains in loaded position WIDTH=289w HEIGHT=280Hello, and welcome to the Chain Buddy web site. We are introducing a new alternative for tire chain installation that is different from all the other tire chain products.

Installs in minutes

Men and women alike install chains with ease and comfort

Designed for all passenger cars

Fits all standard radial chains

Fits tire widths up to 245mm

Introducing the Chain Buddy Installation Tool Kit. Imagine installing your tire chains while kneeling never having to crawl under the car again!

After 10 years of extensive research and development, we have developed a low cost tool kit to install your standard radial tire chains. We guarantee the Chain Buddy is the most comfortable way to install standard radial snow chains. To see how the Chain Buddy works, Click on the video below.

Chainbuddy Video
Click on the start button twice.
Or Click Here to view it on YouTube Video.

Click here for more information and ordering.

The Chain Buddy also comes with two Patent Pending Chain Hangers that will prevent tire chains from ever tangling in their storage container again. See the Chain Hanger page for more information.

The Picture above shows the Chain Buddy in the loaded position just before the tire is rotated. Click on any of the images on this web site to see a closer view of them. Please be patient, the images are large and may take a moment to load. Once they load, you can print a copy if you wish.

Customer Comments:

Hi, I just wanted to express my extreme satisfaction of your product.  I won the item in a raffle held by the North Tahoe Snowboard Series (USASA) a few weeks ago and since then I have used it three times.  I am a traveling homecare nurse in Reno Nevada and when we had that huge snow storm a few weeks ago the roads were impassable without snow chains.  Your product helped me get unstuck at one point and made my chaining experience a lot less messy and a much faster process.  Thanks again,

Elizabeth Wilson

HMI LLC. US Utility Patent 7096906

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